Understanding America: Nearly Half of us are Crazy

By Grant Lawrence

Here in America, some people were recently upset about overpaying tens of billions of dollars to the Banksters in that fraudulent bail out scheme last Fall. Well mainly it is the liberals and progressives that are upset because the neocons and the conservatives think it is OK to give away billions, but just not to the needy.

See about that time, Bush vetoed a health bill that would have given needy children health insurance. It was just too damn much money, nearly half of Americans believed.

See, I know some of my European readers may be a bit confused about American politics and the American psyche. So let an American Licensed Mental Health Professional explain it.

The way things work here in America is that you have nearly half of the population that feel it is just plain wrong to give any government money to anyone but to the rich and the corporate elite. Now I know this may go against reasoning. You may be thinking that it is the working poor and needy that should be given a hand up.

Most of the Americans that support a hand out to the rich claim they are Christians and seem to forget that it is Christ-like to help those in need. But I think they take seriously the part that it is Blessed to Be Poor since they want to see so many poor people. Well, that is they want most everyone to be poor except themselves.

They also don't seem to understand that if the needy and the working people have more money that they will spend it and everyone will benefit. Since most Americans work in industries and services that are directly effected by the American people having money, you might think that they would support the majority of Americans having more income.

No. Instead, nearly half of America believes that only rich people know how to spend money. They think investing in unregulated hedge funds, personal jets, and yachts are somehow going to make their life better. They also believe that only the rich deserve more riches because somehow they are harder working and just more deserving. After all, God only blesses those he loves. Since the rich are truly blessed, the government is doing the will of god by giving more to those that have everything.

I know it doesn't make much sense but you gotta figure that this is the country that gave the world 2 Bushes and a Newt Gingrich.

So if you are still confused with American politics and the American psyche, just understand that half of America is nearly completely crazy and have little or no connection to reality. I know that is scary when you think that this country has enough nukes to blow up the world many times over. But I didn't say I would make you more comfortable in your understanding, I just said I would explain Americans and their politics.

Source: Grant Lawrence Bodhi Thunder

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