Economic Disaster and Social Ruin--No Surprise to the Globalists

By: Grant Lawrence

Is it possible that the global power structure that runs the globalized economy just became aware of the problems of globalization over the last several months?


Instead the global elite knew as far back as a decade ago (and probably much longer) what would likely result from a system in which the poor of the world were exploited and a few gained almost all of the world's wealth and power.

How do I know this.

Well certainly they are not stupid people. About a decade ago they started putting cameras all over my neighborhood and city. They also began monitoring every Americans' communications (not just some). They got rid of Posse Comitatus, an act that barred the military from policing American citizens. They also played war games in American cities and were planning for urban warfare. Moreover, they started building these FEMA camps everywhere.

Well, you might think this was all because of terrorism. But many times an enemy can be a convenient enemy.

If the United States had really been interested in putting an end to terrorism then they would have put an end to terrorist policies. Our government would not have invaded Iraq. They would not be unconditionally supporting Israel. They would have been torturing and running torture prisons. They would not have been supporting dictators throughout the world.

As I previously mentioned, the people that run this global empire and the economic arm of globalization are not stupid or even foolish. But they are power hungry, greedy, and very intelligent.

Thus they knew for many years what was coming and they planned for it. Now we are seeing the fruit of their work and the global elite are ready for it. However, I think at this time it is well to remind ourselves that all of this didn't have to happen. The Depression that is rocking the world and the riots, social instability, and likely wars could have been avoided.


We just needed world leadership that was based on integrity, service, and compassion. The world today would be looking completely different.

Ultimately though it is the people's choice. The people of the world need to decide how much sociopathology they want to see in their leadership. The people of the world need to eventually decide to make a break with the sociopathic leadership that has brought so much misery. The people of the world need to make a change in their own consciousness and then they will be less likely to accept the inhumanity of capitalist globalization.

Unfortunately, too many of us in the past thought arrogant and inhumane leadership was OK. For that, we are presently reaping the fruits of our judgments. The economic and social catastrophes that we are witnessing may now be a surprise to many of us, but it was never a surprise to the globalists.

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