The Conservative Strategy

Have half the country believing there is a good old fashion culture war taking place in America, any proof will be viewed as just the Intellectual Elite attacking the good old American Values of hard working folks.

All over the media broadcast that the Intellectual Elite are attacking America, you don’t need proof when you can have repetition. Turn any actions to promote science and education into a rallying cry to use to wage war against all of science.

Science will start to be viewed as a cult religion, Universities will be viewed as Elitist Clubs, Teachers will be viewed as union pawns who’s only purpose is to spread liberal heresy. Truth will be a matter of perspective as logic and reasoning become viewed as tools of the Evil Elitists.

Teaching of the scientific method, evolution, and logical fallacies and even math, except for in select technical schools, will all be banned.

Knowledge will become the enemy and logic a menace, we will no longer have to worry about ruling a nation under laws as knowledge, logic and truth become suspect, then so to are the laws. This nation will be ruled as we see fit, as the Constitution and all Laws will be just quaint relics from a different time that only Activist Judges will care about.

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