The Bishop of London Proclaims the "Good News" Of Losing Your Job

By Grant Lawrence

An Obviously Well Fed and Comfortable Bishop of London Has Some Words of Encouragement to Laid Off Workers

Bishop Richard Chartres

Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London Pic source: Timesonline.co.uk

....The Right Rev Richard Chartres, speaking in advance of a debate at the Church of England's General Synod on the financial crisis, said that it was difficult to know whether to sympathise more with those who had lost their jobs, or those who were left carrying even greater loads with higher targets and fewer colleagues....

The Bishop of London has obviously captured the essence of what it means to unemployed. No doubt he has had the experience of losing a job, having a family to feed, and no prospect of a job anywhere to be found.

But the Bishop knows that to be unemployed is a good time to reflect. As the bills mount up and the worries grow into a bit of terror, being unemployed can be a special time. Or at least that is what the good Bishop is telling us. It can be a time to "get off the treadmill and be given an opportunity to reconsider what they really want out of life," according to Bishop Chartres.

Oh and the silly Bishop offers us more. "President Obama is among those who cannot live without their BlackBerrys," says the astute Bishop Chartres. Judging from the looks of the Bishop he is among those that can't live without more than just blackberrys. He certainly must be eating 3 healthy square meals a day and that probably includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. All of that good nutrition is evidently helping him to keep such mental clarity.

How nice it must be to be able to live in such utter stupidity.

So the Bishop looks like he has 2 eyes and 2 ears but evidently he has nothing between them. The Bishop likely has been getting his social awareness training from Dick Cheney.

But really, the Bishop's words and understanding passes for much of Christianity today. It is the sort of "compassionate" Christianity professed and practiced by one of the world's most famous Christians--former President George W. Bush.

The Bishop, GW Bush, and many Christians believe that an unjust society and the brutalization of humanity is the just the way things have to be. They don't do anything to change the systemic problems, many times contribute to it, and live to find ways to get others to accept it. Against Christian dictates, they selfishly look out for their own interests and condemn others as they suffer.

The Bishop, Bush, and others of the heartless that pass themselves off as Christians have to live with themselves. But psychologically and spiritually, they never seem to be bothered.

How nice it must be to live in such utter stupidity.

Source Bodhi Thunder

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