Progressive Republicans

By Grant Lawrence

This group "Progressive Republicans" is pretty funny. I guess they want to continue the progressive policy of their former Compassionate Conservative leader George W. Bush by taking words and changing the complete meaning of them

So words to these NeoCon Republicans simply mean whatever they say they mean. Progressive to these Progressive Republicans means that they will follow the same strategy of the Republican Party for the last decades. That is they will take words like compassion, peace, freedom, and progressive and make them mean whatever they want.

Oh and Progressive to the Progressive Republicans means states rights, unregulated markets, limited government, and strict constitutionalism.

How about that for a change in the new "Progressive" Republican Party.

But wait, you say it sounds just like the old campaign slogans of the past. You are right because progressive to Republicans means that the only thing that changes is the use of the word progressive.

It's neat how propaganda works. Check out what the Progressive Republicans are promising for change in the Republican Party below.
We are Republicans. Not only in name, but in belief and principle. We are proud to share in the legacy of those who held together the union, ended slavery, and championed civil rights. We gladly continue our party?s old battle against state excess. We uphold its traditional respect for personal liberty, open markets, and strict constitutionalism.

However, as progressive Republicans, we understand our party?s dedication to limited government and individual choice should as a full spectrum commitment, encompassing social as well as economic issues. We champion liberty for markets and men alike.

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