Social Security (Tax on the Poor) Runs A Surplus

Source: nthought

The facts.

The federal government "borrows" from your social security to pay down part of the deficit created by Bush's tax cuts, which mostly went to the rich. It was under Reagan that social security was reformed (taxes raised) and the income tax system was made more flat. This led to a major general deficits, which of course, was paid down by the social security tax which was running surplus. The social security tax is a regressive tax used to pay for a tax breaks for the rich.

George Bush and Ronald Reagan essentially both stole from the poor to give to the rich. Now they tell us that Social Security is becoming insolvent. The fact is, social security will run surpluses until 2017, and will be solvent for decades more. Had the government kept it's hands off of it, it would be solvent much longer.

But no, they're not going to shoot you straight. They want your money. They own you. They own this place...

about 3 minutes in, Carlin, as usual, 100% correct.

"It's a big club, and you aint in it"

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