Change Your Focus and Change Your World

By Grant Lawrence

The Mass of Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation.

Henry David Thoreau

Things have changed since Thoreau's time. Today most people lead noisy, busy lives of desperation. But Thoreau is right when he points out that people lead lives of desperation.

But there is a way out of the desperation.

The mass of humanity is currently rapt up in a "Me" Consciousness which limits our focus, our understanding, and ultimately our consciousness. Instead, by expanding our awareness into a "We" consciousness, people can move beyond the desperation and into a higher consciousness.

I am not sure if 2012 or if any other date means that much. But I am sure of this. That it is now time for the mass of humanity to take a leap in consciousness. Every time a person grows into We consciousness it's a blessed time, not only for that person, but for all of humanity.

A person that actually thinks about others is doing himself and the world a world of good.


Because that person no longer thinks in terms of just himself. The shift of that person's focus is now on the whole of life and his or her relation to that life. A person in We consciousness is open to all of life and what he or she can do to help and be of service. To know that we are not alone but that even the rocks themselves hum with life is a wonderful knowing. A We consciousness expands the boundary of our being and understanding. It moves us beyond the desperation and into the awareness of the stream of life.

So we can choose to live in the desperation, worrying about our own lives, or we can move to a mind expanding Love that cares for all of life.

It is our choice and no one can force someone to change their focus and thus their consciousness. But know this, we live life in a web of relationships and our choices are not only important for ourselves but for the rest of that web. Also know that our choices have a direct effect on our emotions and feelings. We can choose to stay stuck in the rut of living life selfishly, Me consciousness, or we can move beyond into We consciousness and into a better life and a better world.

Source: Bodhi Thunder

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