Banksters Just Want to Have Fun--It's a Cultural Thing

By Grant Lawrence

The banking business must be pretty tough on the nerves of the financial geniuses at Wells Fargo. So they had planned some big doings to celebrate their stellar financial performance over the last year. You might remember that Wells Fargo received a 25 billion bailout from the good citizens of the US.

In celebration, the banksters at Wells Fargo set up a cozy little vacation to Las Vegas. The Associated Press reported the company had booked 12 nights at the Wynn Las Vegas and its sister hotel, the Encore Las Vegas. The good banksters at Wells Fargo defended the trip by saying it was part of their tradition and "culture."

Ok, I get it. It's a cultural thing and for that we need to be politically correct and culturally sensitive. After all, the CEOs and bank titans are getting a bad rap. So they charge nearly 90 to 98% in real interest rates on credit cards if you only make the minimum payment. So they mismanaged their investments and completely destroyed the world's economic system. So, after getting trillions in bail out money, they still refuse to loan much to the public. So, they are busy repossessing the mortgages from much of the same public that just gave them the trillions of dollars.

Come on people, let's get sensitive here. I know that you are likely a progressive and caring reader so you want only the best for everyone in this. But I do have to give you some bad news. The banksters at Wells Fargo are getting a little heat from an insensitive public and they are now considering cancelling the Las Vegas extravaganza.

It sure is tough being a bankster nowadays. You can't even have a little tradition or "culture" without people making a fuss.

Source: Grant Lawrence Bodhi Thunder

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