The One State Solution to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

By Grant Lawrence

Recently the prestigious medical journal Lancet revealed shocking mortality and morbidity statistics in the recent Israeli war on Gaza. The paper, "The Wounds of Gaza" reports that there were "1,350 killed (60% children) and 5,450 severely wounded (40% children) in reprisals for zero (0) Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year."

So is the world supposed to accept the slaughter of civilians and children by Israel and not question the situation that is leading to such atrocities?

The key player in all of this inhumanity is the United States and their unquestioned political support of Israel along with the Billions in monetary support that allows for Israeli arrogance, intransigence, and violations of international laws and UN mandates. Without the United States, Israel would have to become a citizen of the world and act accordingly.

But given the power and influence of the Israeli lobby in the United States, that political, military, and financial support will likely continue to gusher into Israel.

Since the United States will not put the proper pressure on Israel to remove itself from a rogue state status, the Israelis will have to come to some understanding that there is a humane solution or continue the cycle of violence.

As humanity moves out of the dark ages and accepts and appreciates the various races, ethnicities, and cultures of the world so must there be an awakening in Israel. That awakening should involve a One State Solution in historic Palestine where Jews, Muslims, and Christians have equal rights and responsibilities. Where there is not a Jewish State or a Palestinian state, but a multi cultural and multi religious state where all can live peacefully and enjoy statehood together as brothers and sisters.

Jews need to move past the idea of a Jewish State (I know it is difficult) and move into the idea of "One State" serving all peoples of the historic Palestine. Israelis should come to understand that there will never be peace in that region with millions of Palestinians living as refugees and in dire poverty. The Israeli policy of brutalization and inhumanity will only increase the hatred and the bloodshed in the region.

It has obviously been Israeli policy to keep the endless hostility and wars going in that region so that there would be an unquestioned support for division and separation among the Jewish people and its ally the United States.

But can this Israeli war policy be continually maintained?

Sure it can be maintained for many years to come as long as they get the unquestioned support of the United States. But the Jews have insisted on a Jewish State because of past persecutions, injustices, and mass murder of their people. But, in a twisted irony, the Jews are now party to that terrible persecution, injustice, and mass murder of the Palestinians.

It is time now for Israel to join most of humanity and accept a multi religious and multi cultural country in which all are equal citizens in one homeland. The One State solution is the only one that will ultimately allow for peace in the Middle East and it will allow for the prosperity of all living in historic Palestine. A broken and divided region can only be maintained under tremendous death and suffering, as we have seen for many decades. It is better to live in unity even if it means that all the peoples of historic Palestine fully share in the rights and responsibilities of governing one country.

Source: Bodhi Thunder Blog

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