A Blast from the Past/ Things Are Getting Desperate

....Retailers across the country are reporting a rise in shoplifting and officials are attributing a portion of the increase to cash-strapped amateurs...."There has been an inverse relationship between this increase in shoplifting and the economy. As the economy has gone down shoplifting has increased...."

As I was reading this article about cash strapped consumers becoming more desperate and resorting to shoplifting, it reminded me of this posting back in June....

June 20, 2008

Things that You Should Know

As You Become More Desperate

....When 116 retailers were surveyed recently about shoplifting, 74% said they believed that shoplifting incidents last year had risen from 2006, according to the National Retail Federation....


In the new global economy not only is the rest of the world "benefiting" but Americans are now "benefiting" like the rest of the world. In our present global paradise, Americans are now joining people in 3rd world countries in the art of being desperate.

Desperation used to be something that other countries had to worry about. But now thanks to global corporate control of much of the world's resources and markets, it is not just the poor citizens of those other countries that have to worry about being desperate.

Corporations are only concerned about benefits and costs and to the corporate leadership that presently controls our government, you are considered a resource just like a mineral, plant, or an animal. Resources don't have rights and they only have worth if they can be used. The problem is that this is not good for man nor beast and it only leads to desperation.

But there are certain skills we can all use in this present economy besides learning how to shoplift. A big skill that can come in handy is the ability to lie as well as cheat. It can also help if you are bigger and stronger than others and that way you can easily take what they have. Another skill that may come in handy is learning how to handle a weapon.

You see as people become more desperate they are more likely to do things like steal, but also they are more likely to resort to ripping off others with some thuggery and physical violence.

It is also possible that you may want to use a weapon to rip off someone else as you or members of your family become more and more desperate thanks to this global unfair market. At any rate, learning how to carry and use a firearm should be mandatory in this country now that human resources, or consumers, are really becoming desperate.

Thankfully, we still have the second amendment.

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