Mystery of JFK Assassination Closer to Being Solved

For many years I did some minor investigation of the Kennedy Assassination, after a brief period it became obvious to me that there was more than one gunman, the Warren Commission was a whitewash (later we learned that Gerald Ford admitted to helping whitewash the investigation) , and that in order for the truth to remain hidden there had to be a few players in high places to keep the lid on things. Also there had to be some other bad players involved like the mafia (Jack Ruby had obvious connections). We know that the Mafia worked hand in hand with the CIA in an attempt to kill Castro so the CIA and the Mafia had a good working relationship.

But I also had come to suspect E. Howard Hunt, the Watergate conspirator and major CIA player, of having something to do with the Kennedy killing mainly because of his work on the Bay of Pigs (which ended disastrously for the CIA and caused a lot of hatred toward Kennedy in the intelligence and Cuban communities) and because of the possibility of Hunt being in Dallas at the time of the murder.

Over the last few years, my suspicions (at least to me) have been confirmed. A block buster piece in Rolling Stone Magazine originally reported on E. Howard Hunt's death bed confession of his prior knowledge and his bit part in the assassination. This news was completely ignored in nearly all of the managed media probably because Hunt points the finger at President Lyndon Johnson and because the information would certainly be damning to the CIA and the power structure itself. In a brief conversation I had with Saint John Hunt, E. Howard's son, he confirms that it is highly likely that Johnson was also acting for other players in the killing of Kennedy.

You can hear the actual death bed confession of E. Howard Hunt regarding the Kennedy assassination that was made to his son at a time when Hunt thought he would be dead in a very short time.

Source: Saint John Hunt

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