The Inevitable Split

I hope that the Republican party splits.
Half go the Jindal/Palin way, while the other goes with Newt and whoever is dumb enough to run with him.
In 2010, the Democratic party scores 55% of the vote.
Repub part 1 gets 13%. Repub part 2 gets 17%.
What’s this?—> The Green party gets 15% of the vote?
There are now five Green senators.
Republicans shit themselves trying to come together.

In 2012, President Obama is re-elected with 60% of the popular vote. Repub part 1 (Jindal/Palin) skitters out with 7%.
Repub part 2 (Newt/Doofus) gets 13%

The Green party gets 20%.

The Republican party is forever marginalized, bifurcated and irrelevant, and to annex their base the Democratic party moves to the right.

The Green party is now the opposition party to the right-wing Democratic party, and Jello Biafra is elected President in 2016.

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