Let's Now Have Capitalism with a Human Face?

By Grant Lawrence

Australian Prime Minister KEVIN RUDD in an essay has denounced the unfettered capitalism and calls for a new era of "social capitalism" in which government intervention and regulation feature heavily.

The Military Industrial Empire that has established global control based on the domination of markets and countries through a combination of military might and fascist capitalism is presently on the ropes.

Now, much like during the fall of the Soviet Empire, some of the players in this present global empire game are seeking to forestall a total collapse of our present fascist system by promising a more humane economic system. That promise of more humanism in economics didn't do much to stop the fall of the Soviet Empire and at this point it may not be enough to stop the collapse of the Military Industrial Global Complex.

So the people in global markets or consumers around the world should now accept the past as a mistake and allow the brutal capitalism (globalism) to right itself and do the right thing. The leaders now promise to make sure that the brutalization and anti-democratic practices will no longer be a part of that system. Even though fundamentally the same forces and workings that brought about globalization, or a fascist system of financial and corporate dominance of governments and people, will remain essentially in place.

But now you see things are different. We should trust the same system that brought about the destruction of economies and the loss of livelihoods along with untold human misery around the world to finally correct itself with government help. The system just needs to be tweaked and all of the past leaders and economists were wrong but soon they are going to get it right.

Strange, our leaders are telling us now that a little bit of social awareness and humaneness is what we should have been doing all along. But the economic system of capitalism hasn't allowed for this promise in the past. The New Deal in America was just a smokescreen to continue the capitalistic exploitation of the American people.

It is now time to come to an understanding that a brutal system based on exploitation and the amassing of fantastic wealth by the few, capitalism, has no place in present or future world economic systems. Instead of having a little bit of socialism, there just needs to be Socialism. When the people of the world accept that human dignity and that the general welfare is what the governments and the economies of the world should be working toward, then there will be a world that begins to represent the best of the human spirit and the highest in human consciousness.

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