Time to Cut Off the Welfare to the Banking Beggars

By Grant Lawrence

“Although progress has been made on the financial front since last fall, more needs to be done.”
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on the need for more money to bail out the banking system.

It is time now for Americans to cut loose the banking beggars.

Let's face it, there will never be enough money to bail out the banks. As author Naomi Kline has recently suggested, the government should take over the banks but it shouldn't take over their bad parts. The government should just buy the best assets of the banks, like reasonable investors, and forget about the rest.

Sooner or later the government has to realize that the present banking system is beyond bailing out. Instead there needs to be a rational examination of the situation and appropriate measures should be taken to protect the people.

Allowing the banksters to feed off a never ending cycle of corporate welfare will only lead to an even more worthless currency as the government prints more and more money.

Source: Bodhi Thunder

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