The Dangers of Health Care for All

By Grant Lawrence

Source: Bodhi Thunder

A conservative group plans on spending 20 million to scare the American people into believing that universal health care coverage is bad.

A former health care executive from the Health Care of America, Richard Scott, is launching the multi million dollar ad campaign this coming Tuesday. The group he is heading, "Conservatives for Patients Rights," will be extolling the benefits of free market capitalism in health care on radio, TV, and in print.

There is real danger in everybody having health coverage and Mr. Scott wants to make sure people are aware of that.

Suppose everyone were to have health coverage then there would be more healthy Americans living longer. Of course that is a real danger to conservatives who would just as soon shoot people as to have them healthy.

In America it is not wrong for people to have guns to shoot people but it is wrong for people to have adequate health care coverage unless they are wealthy.

Of course, the group Conservatives for Patients Rights think it is OK that millions of Americans have filed for bankruptcy because they didn't have health insurance or adequate health care coverage. Conservatives are just upset that there might be a central authority that can tell people that they have to have health care coverage. Conservatives only like central authority when it is coming from a monopolistic business entity and they only like welfare when the money goes to corporations.

As the number of underinsured Americans has nearly doubled in the last few years to 25 million and the number of Americans with no health care coverage has risen to nearly 45 million, I am sure this free market conservative message will gain a lot of support among the American people.

Americans should be shaking and trembling over the possibility that a socialistic program like Universal health care might come to America. After all, conservatives hate social security, medicare, and disability benefits for others. They just put up with these solialistic programs when they themselves are collecting from it.

The message that health coverage for all is a real danger and we need more of the same "free market" principles that have contributed to the average American's life expectancy to be ranked 42nd in the world, even though the United States presently spends more than any country in the world on health care. Also, the American free market health care system is presently ranked right behind the Cuban communist system.

But thankfully there is a conservative group out there willing to spend millions to warn people that insuring all people adequately is bad.

Conservative Americans will hopefully continue to unite behind the message that we need more of the same in American health care. The idea that we need the same free market principles in health care that has killed and bankrupted millions of Americans will likely continue to contribute to the growing distaste to these principles among the American people. After all, these same "wonderful" free market principles have not only destroyed American health care but it has done a pretty bang up job on the economy too.

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