The Ongoing Struggle to Explain How They Think: Nominations for the 10 Best Conservative Movies

A 16 mm spring-wound Bolex H16 Reflex camera, ...

What better way to see into the workings or dysfunctionality of the "Conservative" (now there's a euphemism) mind than to find out what films "Conservatives" watch?

Or even what films their handlers and victims think they watch?
The 10 Best Conservative Movies (Jon Swift)
Not that there haven't been some egregious, glaring omissions....

Don't care about the mythology underlying American political atrocities?

Can't bear to think about all that anymore?

Well, then check out the link above to see what a blog by a "reasonable Conservative" looks like.

It's actually rather reassuring, even though political scientists have no reliable count as to how many of them still exist in the wild.

Reasonable Conservatives once were prolific, dotted the landscape, could be reached with logic, valued integrity, lived outside gated communities, sent their children to the public school system, did not drain billions of dollars from the system, and were not a source of public shame and moral decay.

Should you come upon another one before you die, please be kind to it and help it reproduce if you can.

Please also share your epiphanies in the Comments. Together we can surely suss the Conservative Mentality out, sooner or later....

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