The Media Morons' War on Christmas

As sure as Christmas comes once a year, so do the morons claiming that there is a war on Christmas. Led this year by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Gretchen Carlson, the true war is between these blowhards and reality. So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at GoLeft TV, and we hope you enjoy this special Christmas Media Moron poem.

T’was the night before Christmas,

And shakin in their shoes,

Spewing hatred and lies,

Were the folks at Fox News.

“There’s a war on Christmas!”,

Shouted Bill O’Reilly,

Being the skeptic I am,

I doubted this highly.

They’ll remove all our trees!,

Said the shrill Fox & Friends,

I guess atheists and Christians,

Will never make amends.

Sitting up in his chair,

Looking dazed and confused,

O’Reilly continued,

Our holiday we will lose!

“There’s no war on Christmas!”

I shout at my screen,

This cat named O’Reilly,

Gets marked down as mean.

And Gretchen, though pretty,

She’s still quite insane,

As for Doocy and Kilmeade,

They still need a brain.

You now get the point,

There’s no need to go on,

That’s why all of Fox News,

Is my media moron.


From Goleft.Tv

This 2008 year!

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