Goodbye, 2008!

Gasoline prices hit an all time high
And we never did quite find out why
A barrel of oil for $100 bucks
Yet, record profits for those corporate fucks!

Food prices in poor countries caused riots
While fat ass Americans went on failed diets!

The stock market, well, it fucking collapsed!
And what the hell happed to the polar ice caps?

Don't bother looking for work--there's no jobs
Everyone's so broke there's not even anyone left to rob!

Bernie Madoff scammed away $58 billion with skill
While the banks all collapsed and we footed the bill!

Sarah Palin couldn't name a single paper she read
Too bad they didn't ask her about fashion mags instead
She was nearly our second in charge, in command
"The Bush Doctine? What do you mean? I don't understand!"
And she wants to run again in 2012
All the democrats are giddy like, "Sure, bitch! Help yourself!"

But at least we protected families--and passed prop 8
To teach all our children the value of hate!

And we spent another year in the middle east
Spreading our special American brand of "peace"!

Meanwhile, Israel wiped the Gaza strip off the map
Women and children too, holy crap!

But We elected a black guy to fix all our ills
And handed him a massive stack of our bills
And said, "Here you go, darky! The country implores!
We fucked up America, so now it's all yours!"
And though, Magic Negro, you may find this whack
If you fix it all up, we'll be wanting it back.

And so, lads and ladies, everything went great
In the Lord's bless-ed year of 2008
And I'm sure things will continue to go just as fine
As we all bend over to welcome in 2009


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